Ignore them at your own peril

A big problem exists in the tech industry. Specifically that it seems that software development is considered analogous to coding. This misconception is very dangerous and may very well be the reason your next project fails!

Lets start by looking at what the definition of coding is:

    Coding is the mechanical translation of preexisting design into a computer language.

By that definition we can already tell there is more to software development that just coding, so what is this more. Steve McConnell to the rescue! In his epic book Code Complete aptly nicknamed The Bible by software designers, Steve lists other processes that relate to the building of software, below is the listing;

  • Problem definition
  • Requirements development
  • Construction planning
  • Software architecture
  • Detailed design
  • Coding and debugging
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Corrective maintenance

As you may have noted, coding is way down the list!

Going through all this steps might seem like a lot of bureaucracy and that doesn’t play quite well with us techies who most got into technology to avoid it. Still you should consider the steps for all non trivial projects.

The reasons are many but below are samples:


Scheduling is a pain to even the most experienced practitioners in the field. In a previous blog post Simple Software Estimation we talk about how to estimate the time it will take to write software. However the client/market cares about how long the entire process of software development takes. By having a more holistic view of the processes. You will be able to give better estimates.


Users of your application care only if the product meets their needs, by giving proper credence to earlier stages of the development process, you are more likely to build a product that the market actually wants not what you think they want.

Resource management

Administrators in the project can get a better view of the entire project and see what resources they will need when they will need them and level which they will need them. This helps avoid last minute rushes hunting for talent.

Code quality

The single most effective way to boost the quality of your code is to work on the design. The benefits of front up design are many, I will likely cover it in another post but suffice it to say planning architecture of your code helps you avoid writing Spaghetti code

Emphasize all tasks

If you don’t make a conscious effort to consider the other phases, you are likely to simply ignore it and jump straight to coding! Properly considering all aspects ensure that they all get their spot on the table.

What is the software development process in your own organization? Talk to us in the comment section below