Software Estimation Workshop

On April 28th from 1:30 to 3:30pm at Strathmore Business School, Moringa DevShop  will be holding a workshop on scoping and estimation.

Software estimation is one of the hardest activities you can engage in. It is not uncommon to meet clients who want exact dates for the exact time and cost it will take to build their software on the first meeting.

The difficulty in this is that neither you nor the client are actually clear on what needs to be done and thus whatever estimate you give is necessarily fuzzy.

In this workshop you will learn how to come up with realistic estimates that you and your team can commit to.

You will learn all about


    • User stories
    • Size estimates
    • Story points
    • T shirt sizes
    • Fibonacci sequence
    • Targets estimates commitments
    • Velocity


    • Planning poker
    • Spreadsheet templates

Common Gotchas

    • Story points as time units
    • Poor choice of units
    • Tyranny of precision over accuracy

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