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While scoping requirements, sometimes we miss out on a big piece of it. We focus on what the product must do and forget about how well the product should do it.


In this entry, we are going to discuss some of the most common things we forget to scope.


We all know of the Salami fraud. Basically it’s the story of how developers in a bank managed to steal large amounts by charging only a few cents to a huge number of customers. The dudes are probably sipping Pina Colada somewhere in South America by now!

Point is, for different types of software, there are different requirements on how accurate the software should be. For a banking business, accuracy matters to the cent but for your personal blog, not so much.


More than ever software is part of our everyday life. Health happens to be part of this everyday life. You would not want your health monitoring app giving you wrong data even though it forms only a small part of your health management plan.

In this and many other such complex scenarios, software written should not add any unwarranted risk to the system.


High frequency trading is a form of trading carried out almost entirely by computers. The software that powers this systems are able to trade thousands of times a second to turn up profit even on very small margins.

For software engineers in Wall Street, efficiency separates those who drive to work in Ferraris and those who wash the said Ferraris.


The software should do what it was built to do. Sometimes failure is allowed, I mean who cares that you can’t catch up on latest memes. Sometimes failure means jail time!


Software needs to be delightful to use.

Matt has a nice graphic on the same from Aaron Walters book Design for emotion


Software that can not be maintained is worse than worthless. What makes software so powerful is its softness. This property enables the business to get value from it even as its needs evolves. Software that can not be changed or can only be changed at great expense forces the business to stick to old ways.


Privacy is a big issue for many people. Ashley Madison learnt this lesson the hard way Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data.

If clandestineness confidentiality is a big part of your clients business, security is not a luxury.

How have you handled this types of requirements with your own clients? Tell us in the comment section below.


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